Hello, I am Eugene Victorov – a seasoned Knowledge Management and Digital Workplace professional.

Who am I?

Eugene is a productivity improver and effective knowledge flows designer successfully applying tools like SNA, Atlassian, Microsoft365 (Teams, SharePoint, PowerPlatform), Python, Tableau and ARIS. International speaker. Father of three.

An ITIL-certified productivity expert with 17 years of experience in 7 industries and 4 countries, having worked with global companies like Mars, Accenture and Arrival, I enable Digital and Cultural transformations in multinational organisations of all scales with the “strategy first, method second, and technology third” principle and my proprietary framework.

Focus areas

  • Project Management
  • Change Management
  • Business Process Management with ARIS and BPMN 2.0
  • Digital Workplace with Atlassian Confluence, Microsoft m365/SharePoint/Teams
  • Data Analysis with Python and Tableau
Portrait of Eugene Victorov

Brief experience

Case studies:

  • Generated insights via Knowledge Mapping and Social Network Analysis of 1k employees.
  • Built Intranet solutions based on SharePoint and Confluence and drove adoption from 0 to 14k(24k) users and 10M yearly operations.
  • Drove successful IT and Change Management projects with scopes of up to 24k employees in 10 countries.

My first internship far away in 2005 was setting up SharePoint 2003, and I’m still working with SharePoint now, decades later – now as part of the Microsoft m365 platform. I also work with the Atlassian suite a lot, including Jira and Confluence. I’ve also worked as a system analyst, support engineer, data manager and product owner; my ITIL Foundation v3 is not a dusty certificate on a wall, it’s a knowledge applied. However, in 2013 I stepped out from IT to the more strategical and methodological side of the KM function – from 2016 to 2021 I was a Head of the Knowledge Management Centre of Excellence and Digital Workplace Lead for Gazprom Neft Upstream. In 2021 I stepped out from the dark side oil & gas industry and joined a British Electric Vehicle maker Arrival as a Knowledge Excellence Lead. Also, I am a board member of the Association of Knowledge Managers “KM-Alliance” and the mastermind of a community of Russian-speaking knowledge managers.

Contact me for…

I am open to a wide range of opportunities. Examples are:

  • Delivering a training course on Knowledge Management, m365/SharePoint/Teams or Atlassian Jira/Confluence.
  • Running a Knowledge Management workshop.
  • Speaking at conferences. I’ve spoken at or moderated events like KM World (USA), IntraNET Reloaded Berlin and Enterprise Business Collaboration (Germany), IntraNET Reloaded Nordics (Copenhagen) and SocialNow (Lisbon).

    You can reach me 24*7 via the contacts form below or book a free short call with me via the pop-up form!