Russian localization of the “ISO 30401:2018 Knowledge Management System – requirements” standard

This February colleagues invited me to participate inthe translation of the ISO 30401:2018 Knowledge Management Systems — requirements standard. Special thanks to Vladimir Leschenko for inviting me to the workgroup and ability to legalize Knowledge Management within Russia and Russian speaking area.

Together with Vladimir, Oleg Lavrov (both from KM Alliance Moscow,), Dmitry Kudryavtsev (Higher School of Management of Saint Petersburg State University), Maxim Grosul (LUKOIL, Nizhny Novgorod) and me, representing Gazprom Neft Science and Technical Centre (Saint Petersburg), we have localized the standard into Russian. There was a previous version of doucment we’ve worked on but it was clearly seen that it was translated by people quite loosely connected to KM.

How is localization different from translation? It’s wider: localization means translation plus cultural adaptation of the text. In our case wide range of author and our joined experience of working in different industries and organizational forms helped us to keep in mind various industrial specifics, expectations and view on the standard in mind.

In the end of May we transferred the resulting document to a responsible technical commitee of Rosstandart (the national standardization body) and a webinar (called KM breakfast because it runs in the morning):

We expect Rosstandard to publish the standard (called GOST) in beginning of 2021.

Bonus – which tools did we use to collaborate:

  • content management and editing: Microsoft Teams + OneDrive for Business;
  • videcalls: Zoom;
  • planning: Google Calendar.

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