Guerilla knowledge sharing or another sociality of media

In a few months the some-newspaper-branded stands where placed in the vestibules of every (182 by the end of 2010) Moscow underground stations; they are regularly filled up with stacks of free newspapers so you could pick one and read while riding.

Okay, free newspapers are good (maybe?), but how do this refer to knowledge sharing? A writing on the newspaper promotes returning read copies back to stacks, which not only show their concerns of environment through paper reuse but also helps to share knowledge (maybe?) via newspapers.

Okay again, but where’s any DIY here? Here it is: you can use such stands for sharing any unneeded stuff with others in similar way:

  • suppose you have a magazine\newspaper – you could put it to a stand after reading (works if you’ve found nothing interesting inside);
  • you’ve got few books at your bookshelf which you think are ready to be put to the bin – consider sharing it with others via stands, anyway?
  • the same stuff with old DVD with films you dislike but they’ve been presented to you by someone – sharing it would be a nice way of freeing up some space in DVD shelves.

The best thing of this way is that you get additional effect of getting some free space while bringing more kindness through sharing your stuff with others. Also you’re making that (shared in such a way) media really social – even though they aren’t “social media” in a common meaning.

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