Atlassian Confluence Trainings

What is Atlassian Confluence?

Confluence is a collaboration platform based on wiki principles and aimed to enhance knowledge capture and sharing capabilities for project and product teams and organizations in general.

Confluence can fulfill several scenarios ranging from organization-wide knowledge base to a dedicated team knowledge space (for example, to capture product requirements or process descriptions and instructions). It integrates nicely with many other tools, including Atlassian Jira (for product, project and task management). This allows to publish progress charts and link Jira task, stories and epics to Confluence pages. Every page is versioned, allowing to revert to a specific version if needed.

Why invite me as a Confluence instructor?

I have been implementing Confluence and providing end-user traning since 2010, which allowed me to build experience of organizing and running high quality functional trainings. The following training parameters could be varied when ordering a training:

  • on-site or online (online only until September 2020);
  • cloud or on-premise Confluence;
  • English or Russian language;
  • provided Confluence instance.

Request the pricing.

Confluence implementation exeprience

  • Knowledge base creation for a serivce department of an IT company
    • Functional and technical design.
    • Plugins used: ServiceRocket Scaffolding (page forms) and Reporting (usage metrics), Comalatech Workflows (page approval workflow).
  • Knowledge base creation for Russian IT unit of a multinatonal food company.
  • Knowledge base creation for the Federal Service for Labour and Employment.

End user trainings were included in every described project.

Training content

Confluence 101 (for end users)

  • Goal: obtain knowledge of basic features and skill of using it (up to the level when a trainee is able to teach another user to add and edit pages).
  • Trainee profile: new Confluence users with no or little prior exprerience of using it.
  • Prerequisites: none.
  • Timing: 1 day / 8 training hours (including breaks).
  • Course contents (set up to customer needs, detailed table of contents is available upon request):
    1. Intruduction to wikis
    2. Content authorship
    3. Fine-tuning workspace

Confluence 201 (for authors and content managers)

  • Goals:
    • Get an overview of proven successful and wrong practices of implementing Confluence.
    • Get a deep practice of working with macroses.
  • Trainee profile: users wishing to deepen their Confluence authorship/editorial skills.
  • Prerequisistes:
    • Creating and viewing pages and blog posts.
    • Attachment management.
    • Search.
  • Timing: 1 day / 8 hours (including breaks).
  • Course contents (set up to customer needs, detailed table of contents is available upon request):
    1. Wiki proven practices
    2. Confluence space administration
    3. Macroses
    4. Content management
    5. Templates and blueprints