Hello, I’m Eugene Victorov.

A seasoned Knowledge Management, Collaboration and Digital Workplace professional.
From Russia with knowledge.

I have 15 years of experience within IT and KM business functions, working with global companies like Mars Inc., Accenture as well as Russian giants like Gazprom Neft, and others.

I blog here on events, share useful content (which I sometimes translate into Russian) and highlight interesting people’s profiles.

Knowledge Management and Collaboration / Digital Workplace are my specialities. My first internship far away in 2005 was setting up SharePoint 2003, and I’m still working with SharePoint now, decades later. I’ve also worked as system analyst, support engineer, data manager and product owner; my ITIL Foundation v3 certificate shines on a wall. However, in 2013 I’ve stepped out from the dark side IT to strategical and methodological side of KM function – since 2016, my daily job is the KM and DWP Lead for Gazprom Neft Upstream. 

I live in sunny Saint Petersburg, Russia. OK, it’s not that sunny (75 days a year), but still is a beautiful city.

I am open to wide range of opportunities, including speaking at conferences or running a workshop. Speaker of such events as KM World (USA), IntraNET Reloaded Berlin и Enterprise Business Collaboration (Germany) and KM Russia.

You can reach me 24*7 via contacts below of via the form: